An Academic Coaching Model Intervention for College Students on the Autism Spectrum

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Fall 2016


Based on the increasing numbers of students with high functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD) entering colleges and universities, many schools are at a loss for how to support students needing services outside the typical academic assistance often required by students with disabilities. The diagnostic features and psychiatric characteristics associated with ASD (American Psychiatric Association, 2013), coupled with the transitions and stressors that come along with college life, present extraordinary challenges for these students. With the unique characteristics and support need of this population in mind, the Raiders on the Autism Spectrum Excelling (RASE) transition program was developed and implemented in 2012 to provide transitional support for students with ASD entering a midsized public university in the Midwest. First year results indicate an increase in student GPA over two semesters, a decrease in behavioral violations, and high levels of satisfaction with the program from both the students and the transition coaches