A Guide to Developing Evidence-Based Practices in Rehabilitation Counseling Research

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Spring 2015


The development of evidence-based programs (EBPs) in rehabilitation counseling (RC) is rudimentary. The field, specifically EBPs related to employment-focused practices, is in need of a data-driven evaluation process to assure that evidence-based employment interventions are being disseminated and implemented in the field. This article reviews the status of evidence-based vocational rehabilitation (VR) programs; argues for the need of not only employment related EBPs in rehabilitation but for the development of a registry that contains successful employment approaches; provides the readers with a step-by-step process in the documentation of an EBP; and lastly, we discuss the lessons we learned from the process of accreditation. A registry containing evidence-based employment programs holds promise for helping rehabilitation organizations improve the quality of employment services and practices they provide to consumers with disabilities as well as promote the efficiency and effectiveness of rehabilitation counseling services to funding sources and legislators.

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