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Summer 2011


Bread was not only fundamental to the eating habits of the ancient Israelites it was central to their Divine worship service. In the narrative section of the project, we will look at the history of bread and its importance in the cultural development of the ancient Israelites. This study will focus primarily on the Showbread, which was prepared and eaten weekly by ancient Israelite priests. The topics will include: 1) The history of bread; 2) An introduction to bread in the Bible: mundane and consecrated; 3) The making and shaping of the Showbread; 4) The Table and Side Dishes; 5) Rabbinical Traditions of the Showbread; 6) Trends in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; 7) Conclusion. There will also be an Overview of the Creative Project and an Appendix with illustrations of the Showbread.

A step by step illustrated demonstration on how to make the Showbread is included as well.