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This paper presents what began as a specific task analysis methodology developed in the context of what then was called knowledge engineering. The resultant model was based on Fleishmann's concept of underlying abilities coupled Delphi techniques and small group dynamics. Core features were the use of small groups of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and, a highly structured workshop environment. The model was termed the Small Group Delphi Paradigm (SGDP). As time past, its usage in a variety of aviation venues, ranging from selection to training proficiency, resulted in modifications and refinements. Thus, it became more than just a task analysis even being used, e.g., in identifying civilian managerial and employee core competencies. However, it seemed that, while in the literature multiple times, there was not a measure of general useage. This is not the case today, as will be shown, plus ways to technologically up-date the SGDP.