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FlightProfiler, a safety management system software for general aviation that has been under development since 2000, quantifies and illustrates how 79 different factors collectively affect planning for general aviation flights. The software uses advanced collaborative decision-making technology and NextGen analytics to prescreen an entire flight cycle, with objectives of improving flight safety and reducing costs. The Advanced Aviation Analytics Institute for Research (A3IR-CORE) at Purdue University has entered a partnership with the software developer to improve the usability of the product in a collegiate aviation environment. This includes creating process flow diagrams of the software and of Purdue flight operations, gathering flight data, and improving the presentation of the output. Purdue will in turn be given access to the FlightProfiler tool for use in its flight program. The software development team consists of mathematicians, meteorologists, graphic technologists, and computer scientists who are in communication with A3IR-CORE faculty and students to effectively collaborate and organize the task. Participating students will acquire business development skills working on a student-designed project plan in addition to the skills needed in industry to analyze, formulate and apply logical techniques for work task improvement.