Stochastic Analysis of Lexical and Semantic Enhanced Structural Language Model

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In this paper, we present a directed Markov random field model that integrates trigram models, structural language models (SLM) and probabilistic latent semantic analysis (PLSA) for the purpose of statistical language modeling. The SLM is essentially a generalization of shift-reduce probabilistic push-down automata thus more complex and powerful than probabilistic context free grammars (PCFGs). The added context-sensitiveness due to trigrams and PLSAs and violation of tree structure in the topology of the underlying random field model make the inference and parameter estimation problems plausibly intractable, however the analysis of the behavior of the lexical and semantic enhanced structural language model leads to a generalized inside-outside algorithm and thus to rigorous exact EM type re-estimation of the composite language model parameters.


This paper was presented at the 8th International Colloquium, ICGI 2006, Tokyo, Japan, September 20-22, 2006.



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