EmojiNet: An Open Service and API for Emoji Sense Discovery

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This paper presents the release of EmojiNet, the largest machine-readable emoji sense inventory that links Unicode emoji representations to their English meanings extracted from the Web. EmojiNet is a dataset consisting of: (i) 12,904 sense labels over 2,389 emoji, which were extracted from the web and linked to machine-readable sense definitions seen in BabelNet; (ii) context words associated with each emoji sense, which are inferred through word embedding models trained over Google News corpus and a Twitter message corpus for each emoji sense definition; and (iii) recognizing discrepancies in the presentation of emoji on different platforms, specification of the most likely platformbased emoji sense for a selected set of emoji. The dataset is hosted as an open service with a REST API and is available at http://emojinet.knoesis.org/. The development of this dataset, evaluation of its quality, and its applications including emoji sense disambiguation and emoji sense similarity are discussed.


Presented at the 11th International Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)'s Conference on Web and Social Media, Montreal, Canada, May 15-18, 2017.