Concept Extraction from the Web of Things Knowledge Bases

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Semantic web technologies are a major driver for semantic interoperability in IoT-generated data by using shared vocabularies in an ontology-driven approach. While there is a growing interest in standardization of ontologies for IoT, there is still a lack of common agreement for a specific IoT ontology. Numerous concepts and relations have been designed within existing ontologies to handle different features of IoT data. However, there are many redundant and overlapping concepts designed within existing standardizations and groups. We found that new ontologies constantly redesign the same concepts in IoT. Therefore, it is a challenge to reuse and unify these different IoT ontologies with redundant concepts. In this paper we investigate what are the most used terms within IoT ontologies? We identify the fourteen most popular ontologies within generic IoT and WoT domain. Analysis of popular concepts among these ontologies allows to automatically rank the knowledge. This work will enable guiding ontology engineers to re-use and unify existing ontologies, a required step to achieve semantic interoperability. Moreover, this work could contribute towards building [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

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