A Domain Specific Language Based Approach for Developing Complex Cloud Computing Applications

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Computing has changed. Lately, a slew of cheap, ubiquitous, connected mobile devices as well as seemingly unlimited, utility style, pay as you go computing resources has become available at the disposal of the common man. The latter commonly called Cloud Computing (or just Cloud) is democratizing computing by making large computing power accessible to people and corporations around the world easily and economically.

However, taking full advantage of this computing landscape, especially for the data intensive domains, has been hampered by many factors, the primary one being the complexity in developing applications for the variety of available platforms.

This thesis attempts to alleviate many of the issues faced in developing complex Cloud centric applications by using a Domain Specific Language (DSL) based methods. The research is focused in two main areas. One area is hybrid applications with mobile device based front-ends and Cloud based back-ends. The other is data and compute intensive biological experiments, exemplified by applying a DSL to metabolomics data analysis. This research investigates the viability of using a DSL in each domain and provides evidence of successful application.