Discovering Dynamic Logical Blog Communities Based on Their Distinct Interest Profiles

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This paper addresses the problem of identifying dynamic logical blog communities based on the distinct interests shared by blogs in the communities. This paper is motivated by the facts that the blog space is highly dynamic both in the participating bloggers and in the interests/issues of concern to them in their blogs, and that many organizations are interested in identifying the evolution/emergence of various blog communities and the current interests/issues of concern to the blogs of those communities. Using dynamic shared distinct interests to define logical blog communities allows us to better identify and track the issues of concern to the bloggers than using statically chosen keywords or statically defined blog communities. The paper discusses algorithms to solve the above problem, which attempt to maximize discriminativeness and diversity of the distinct interests of the blog communities. Experiments are reported to evaluate the performance of the algorithms and to demonstrate their utility.


Presented at the First International Conference on Social Eco-Informatics (SOTICS) Barcelona, Spain, October 23-29, 2011.