Object Behaviors and Scripts (Extended Abstract)

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An object-oriented database (OODB) schema consists of class hierarchies, attributes, and methods. Two method languages are considered: one has operators to create, delete, modify, and migrate objects; the other is extended with temporal conditions. A script is a graph with edges labelled by methods. An object state includes the set of classes it belongs to and values of attributes. The object behavior is a sequence of object states the object goes through during its lifetime. Object behaviors under OODB schemas with sripts are studied. A tool, domain automaton, is introduced, extending a finite state automaton to an infinite alphabet. The equivalence of two domain automata is shown to be decidable. For the simple (extended) language, behaviors under each OODB schema with scripts correspond to the language of a (two-way) domain automaton. Testing whether two OODB schemas with scripts generate the same behaviors is decidable for the simple language; still open for the extended language.


Presented at the Third International Workshop on Database Programming Languages: Bulk Types & Persistent Data, Nafplion, Greece, August 27-30, 1991.

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