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From the chairs' report published in SIGMOD record: The keynote address entitled 'Semantic Web and Information Brokering: Opportunities, Early Commercializations, and Challenges' was delivered by Amit Sheth (University of Georgia and Taalee Corp). Sheth characterized semantics as the next step in the evolution of the WWW and stressed the importance of semantically organized information for supporting ubiquitous, powerful, accurate and efficient access to this information. Sheth also reviewed proposals for semantic interoperability frameworks such as the DAML(DARPA Agent Mark-Up Language), the Oingo family of tools for defining concepts and extracting knowledge from large databases, as well as several scenarios on learning on the Web. He moved on to present the semantic services provided by Taalee, including semantic categorization, cataloguing, search, personalization and targeting. Although given mainly from a commercial perspective, Sheth's presentation made a clear statement about the importance of semantic enrichment in enabling information brokering on interoperable multidatabase systems. Terminology and language transparency, comprehensive metadata management, context-sensitive information processing and semantic correlation were characterized as the basis for enabling the symbiosis of semantic information brokering and the Semantic Web.


Keynote given at the International Workshop on Semantic Web: Models, Architecture, and Management, Lisbon, Portugal, September 21, 2000.

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