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SA-REST, the W3C member submission, can be used for supporting a wide variety of Plain Old Semantic HTML (POSH) annotation capabilities on any type of Web resource. Kino framework and tools provide support of capabilities to realize SA-RESTs promised value. These tools include (a) a browser-plugin to support annotation of a Web resource (including services) with respect to an ontology, domain model or vocabulary, (b) an annotation aware indexing engine and (c) faceted search and selection of the Web resources. At one end of the spectrum, we present KinoE (aka Kino for Enterprise) which uses NCBO formal ontologies and associated services for searching ontologies and mappings, for annotating RESTful services and Web APIs, which are then used to support faceted search. At another end of the spectrum, we present KinoW (aka Kino for the Web), capable of adding SA-REST or Microdata annotations to Web pages, using as a model and Linked Open Data (LOD) as a knowledge base. We also present two use cases based on KinoE and the benefits to data and service integration enabled through this annotation approach.


Presented at the W3C Workshop on Data and Services Integration, Bedford, MA, October 20-21, 2011.