An Ontological Approach to Focusing Attention and Enhancing Machine Perception on the Web

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Today, many sensor networks and their applications employ a brute force approach to collecting and analyzing sensor data. Such an approach often wastes valuable energy and computational resources by unnecessarily tasking sensors and generating observations of minimal use. People, on the other hand, have evolved sophisticated mechanisms to efficiently perceive their environment. One such mechanism includes the use of background knowledge to determine what aspects of the environment to focus our attention. In this paper, we develop an ontology of perception, IntellegO, that may be used to more efficiently convert observations into perceptions. IntellegO is derived from cognitive theory, encoded in set-theory, and provides a formal semantics of machine perception. We then present an implementation that iteratively and efficiently processes low level, heterogeneous sensor data into knowledge through use of the perception ontology and domain specific background knowledge. Finally, we evaluate IntellegO by collecting and analyzing observations of weather conditions on the Web, and show significant resource savings in the generation and storage of perceptual knowledge.



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