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We propose a semantic framework for automatically identifying events as a step towards developing an adaptive middleware for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Current related research focuses on adapting to events that violate certain non-functional objectives of the service requestor. Given the large of number of events that can happen during the execution of a service, identifying events that can impact the non-functional objectives of a service request is a key challenge. To address this problem we propose an approach that allows service requestors to create semantically rich service requirement descriptions, called semantic templates. We propose a formal model for expressing semantic templates and for measuring the relevance of an event to both the action being performed and the nonfunctional objectives. This model is extended to adjust the relevance of the events based on feedback from the underlying adaptation framework. We present an algorithm that utilizes multiple ontologies for identifying relevant events and present our evaluations that measure the efficiency of both the event identification and the subsequent adaptation scheme.


Presented at the IEEE International Conference on Web Services, Salt Lake City, UT, July 9-13, 2007.

Posted with permission from IEEE.