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In this paper we present a new tool for semantic analytics through 3D visualization called “Semantic Analytics Visualization” (SAV). It has the capability for visualizing ontologies and meta-data including annotated web-documents, images, and digital media such as audio and video clips in a synthetic three-dimensional semi-immersive environment. More importantly, SAV supports visual semantic analytics, whereby an analyst can interactively investigate complex relationships between heterogeneous information. The tool is built using Virtual Reality technology which makes SAV a highly interactive system. The backend of SAV consists of a Semantic Analytics system that supports query processing and semantic association discovery. Using a virtual laser pointer, the user can select nodes in the scene and either play digital media, display images, or load annotated web documents. SAV can also display the ranking of web documents as well as the ranking of paths (sequences of links). SAV supports dynamic specification of sub-queries of a given graph and displays the results based on ranking information, which enables the users to find, analyze and comprehend the information presented quickly and accurately.


Presented at the IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics, San Diego, CA, May 23-24, 2006.

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