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The emergent Semantic Web community needs a common infrastructure for testing the scalability and quality of new techniques and software which use machine processable data. Since ontologies are a centerpiece of most approaches, we believe that for an accurate evaluation of tools for quality, scalability and performance, the research community needs a freely available ontology with a large description base. If the use of tools is to be for advanced semantic applications, such as those in business intelligence and national security, then instances in the knowledge base should be highly interconnected. Thus, we propose and describe a Semantic WEb Technology evaluation Ontology (SWETO) test-bed. In particular, we address the requirements of a test-bed to support research in semantic analytics, as well as the steps in its development, including, ontology creation, semi-automatic data extraction, and entity disambiguation.


Presented at the 16th International Conference on Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering during the Workshop on Ontology in Action, Banff, Canada, June 21-24, 2004.