Transactions in Transactional Workflows

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Workflow management systems (WFMSs) are finding wide applicability in small and large organizational settings. Advanced transaction models (ATMs) focus on maintaining data consistency and have provided solutions to many problems such as correctness, consistency, and reliability in transaction processing and database management environments. While such concepts have yet to be solved in the domain of workflow systems, database researchers have proposed to use, or attempted to use ATMs to model workflows. In this paper we survey the work done in the area of transactional workflow systems. We then argue that workflow requirements in large-scale enterprise-wide applications involving heterogeneous and distributed environments either differ or exceed the modeling and functionality support provided by ATMs. We propose that an ATM is unlikely to provide the primary basis for modeling of workflow applications, and subsequently workflow management.We discuss a framework for error handling and recovery in the METEOR2 WFMS that borrows from relevant work in ATMs, distributed systems, software engineering, and organizational sciences. We have also presented various connotations of transactions in real-world organizational processes today. Finally, we point out the need for looking beyond ATMs and using a multi-disciplinary approach for modeling large-scale workflow applications of the future.



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