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Today, important information is scattered in so many places, formats, and media, that getting the right information at the right time and place is an extremely difficult task. Developing a single software product, for example, includes the creation of documents ranging from the requirements specification and project schedules to marketing presentations, multimedia tutorials, and more. Each document may be created by a different person using a different tool, and each may be stored in a different place. InfoHarness is an information integration system, platform, and tool set that addresses these problems, managing huge amounts of heterogeneous information in a distributed environment. Through a powerful, consistent user interface, InfoHarness provides rapid search of and access to information assets including documents and parts of documents, mail messages, images, code files, video clips, Web pages with URLs, InfoHarness queries, and views of relational tables. The system makes all these artifacts available without relocating, restructuring, or reformatting the data.


Posted with permission from IEEE.