WebWork: METEOR2's Web-based Workflow Management System

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METEOR2 workflow management systems consist of both (1) design/build-time and (2) run-time/enactment components for implementing workflow applications. An enactment system provides the command, communication and control for the individual tasks in the workflow. Tasks are the run-time instances of intra- or inter-enterprise applications. We are developing three implementations of the METEOR2 model: WebWork, OrbWork and NeoWork. This paper discusses WebWork, an implementation relying solely on Web technology as the infrastructure for the enactment system. WebWork supports a distributed implementation with participation of multiple Web servers. It also supports automatic code generation of workflow applications from design specifications produced by a comprehensive graphical designer. WebWork has been developed as a complement of its more heavyweight counterparts (OrbWork and NeoWork), with the goal of providing ease of workflow application development, installation, use and maintenance. At the time of this writing, WebWork has been installed by several of the LSDIS Lab's industrial partners for testing, evaluation and building workflow applications.



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