Media-Independent Correlation of Information: What? How

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A wide variety of data in different media (text, structured, image, audio,...) is now accessible in Internet and Intranet. Limitations of current keyword based and hyper-media link based access are all the more apparent when a user wants information without prior knowledge of the locations or media that have data to meet his/her information needs. Two of the several components of the solution being investigated in the InfoQuilt project are discussed here: (a) the use of a wide variety of metadata, that abstract information content without regards to the location, format or media of data and (b) the use of a logical level linking of data called a metadata reference link (MREF) as a hypothetical extension to HTML to support metadata based information correlation between heterogeneous digital media data stored in distributed repositories.


Presented at the First IEEE Metadata Conference, Silver Spring, MD, April 16-18, 1996.