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We describe the design of BrAID (a Bridge between Artificial Intelligence and Database Management Systems), an experimental system for the efficient integration of logic based Artificial Intelligence (Al) and database (DB) technologies. Features provided by BrAID include (a) access to conventional DBMSs, (b) support for multiple inferencing strategies, (c) a powerful caching subsystem that manages views and employs subsumption to facilitate the reuse of previously cached data, (d) lazy or eager evaluation of queries submitted by the AI system, and (e) the generation of advice by the AI system to aid in cache management and query execution planning. To discuss some of the key aspects of BrAID architecture, we focus on the generation of advice by the AI system and its use by the Cache Management System to increase efficiency in accessing remote DBMS through the selective application of such techniques as prefetching, query generalization, result caching, attribute indexing, and lazy evaluation.


Presented at the Seventh International Conference on Data Engineering, Kobe, Japan, April 8-12, 1991.

Posted with permission from IEEE.