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This paper develops a modular approach to improving effectiveness of searching documents for information by reusing and integrating mature software components such as Lucene APIs, WORDNET, LSA techniques, and domain-specific controlled vocabulary. To evaluate the practical benefits, the prototype was used to query MEDLINE database, and to locate domain-specific controlled vocabulary terms in Materials and Process Specifications. Its extensibility has been demonstrated by incorporating a spell-checker for the input query, and by structuring the retrieved output into hierarchical collections for quicker assimilation. It is also being used to experimentally explore the relationship between LSA and document clustering using 20-mini-newsgroups and Reuters data. In future, this prototype will be used as experimental testbed for expressive, context-aware and scalable searches


Presented at the IASTED International Conference on Web Technologies, Applications, and Services, Calgary, Canada, July 4-6, 2005.

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