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This paper summarizes progress to date on the WSU model for engineering mathematics education, an NSF funded curriculum reform initiative at Wright State University. The WSU model seeks to increase student retention, motivation and success in engineering through application-driven, just-in-time engineering math instruction. The WSU approach involves the development of a novel freshman-level engineering mathematics course EGR 101, as well as a large-scale restructuring of the engineering curriculum. By removing traditional math prerequisites and moving core engineering courses earlier in the program, the WSU model shifts the traditional emphasis on math prerequisite requirements to an emphasis on engineering motivation for math, with a just-in-time structuring of the new math sequence. This paper summarizes the development to date of the WSU model for engineering mathematics education, including a preliminary assessment of student performance and perception during the initial implementation of EGR 101. In addition, an assessment of first-year retention results is anticipated in time for the conference.


Presented at the 35th Annual Frontiers in Education Conference, Indianapolis, IN, October 19-22, 2005.

Posted with permission from IEEE.