Toward Responsible Global Financial Risk Management: The Reckoning and Reform Recommendations

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This review article makes a contribution to understanding the current U.S. subprime mortgage and credit crisis that has adversely affected the global financial system in terms of its historical parallels with a recent Asia-Pacific financial crisis. It also looks at the distinctive ways in which bad actors and flawed processes at the macro-, meso-, and microlevels have unilaterally shifted risks onto innocent stakeholders and are now facing a time of global reckoning and reform. An alternative business model, the global business integrity capacity model (GBICM), is proposed that inclusively balances types of capitalist, moral accountability, and human nature theories and provides a framework for selected reforms at the macro-, meso-, and microlevels, which are designed to prevent a recurrence of the current financial meltdown, to re-create systemic financial institution integrity, and to promote sustainable prosperity for current and future generations.



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