To App or Not to App: A Business-To-Business Seller's Decision

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Although business-to-business (B2B) selling firms increasingly realize the benefits of adoption and usage of B2B mobile applications (apps), few studies examine this topic. Building on the technology organization environment and the technology acceptance model adoption frameworks, this research provides an integrative framework to identify and investigate the key determinants of B2B mobile apps for sellers that have not implemented B2B mobile apps for their buyers to use in their decision making. The results from 360 marketing executives at B2B selling firms indicate that perceived usefulness, top management support, and competitive pressure positively influence the decision to adopt B2B mobile apps in the near future. In addition, relative advantage and perceived ease of use indirectly affect adoption of B2B mobile apps through perceived usefulness. The research findings provide several theoretical and managerial implications related to B2B mobile apps adoption.



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