The Untapped Potential of B2B Advertising: A Literature Review and Future Agenda

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Academic research has not kept pace with the growth of and investment in B2B advertising. Important topics need to be addressed and critical questions remain unanswered. This review systematically analyzes, consolidates and identifies knowledge gaps in prior research related to B2B advertising in order to motivate dedicated future study. Based on a methodical, concept-centric approach, B2B advertising literature is categorized by: 1) type of article; 2) theories applied; 3) message appeals, content, and strategies used; 4) media selected; 5) effectiveness and performance measurement; and 6) budgeting approaches. The review indicates limited and outdated research on several topics including message strategies and appeals, advertising budgets, advertising effective measures related to buyer and financial outcomes, and media usage. Furthermore, research on overall B2B integrated marketing communications strategies is lacking. The review highlights research opportunities and questions with the potential to provide guidance to B2B marketing managers.



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