Microstructural Modeling of Metadynamic Recrystallization in Hot Working of IN 718 Superalloy

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The hot deformation behavior of IN 718 superalloy has been characterized in the temperature range 900–1100°C and strain rate range 0.001–1.0 s−1 using compression tests on process annealed material, with a view to obtain a correlation between grain size and the process parameters. At a strain rate of 0.001 s−1, the material exhibits dynamic recrystallization (DRx) at 975°C and superplasticity at 1100°C, while metadynamic recrystallization (MDRx) occurs in the temperature range 950–1100°C and strain rate range 0.01–1.0 s−1. Unlike in the DRx domain, the grain size (d) variation in the MDRx regime could not be correlated with the standard Zener–Hollomon (Z) parameter due to strong thermal effects during cooling after hot deformation. However, it follows an equation of the type d=cexp(−Q/RT), where c, p and R are constants, Q the activation energy for MDRx and T the temperature. The value of p is very low (0.028) and the apparent activation energy is about 275 kJ mole−1, which is very close to that for self-diffusion in pure nickel. The data obtained from several investigators are in agreement with this equation. Such an equation combines the mild dynamic effect in MDRx with a stronger post-deformation cooling effect and may be used for predicting the grain size of IN 718 hot forged in the MDRx regime.



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