Yield Points During the High Temperature Deformation of Ti-15V-3Al-3Cr-3Sn Alloy

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Ti-15V-3Cr-3Sn-3A1 (Ti-15-3-3-3) is a metastable near-Beta alloy developed for aerospace structural application. This is a cold formable strip alloy which permits the fabrication of complex shapes at room temperature and subsequent heat treatment to achieve high strength [1]. The enhanced formability of Ti-15-3-3-3, in comparison to alpha and alpha+beta titanium alloys, is due to the bcc crystal structure of the beta phase. A yield stress peak has been observed during elevated temperature deformation of beta titanium alloys [2,3]. In this paper, the effects of temperature, strain rate, and initial grain structure on the peak stress of Ti-15-3-3-3 are presented, and discussed in terms of the alloy composition and changes in mobile dislocation density.