Microstructures of Rapidly Quenched Ti-V-Cr-Er Alloys

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Alloys of Ti-24V-10Cr with 1, 2, 4 and 8 wt.% Er additions were prepared by arc melt spinning. The microstructures of these β-Ti alloys display a distribution of dispersoids and submicron grains. The solid solubility of erbium in the alloy has evidently been increased from less than 0.3 to about 2 wt.%, as a result of the rapid quenching. Erbium oxide is present as a dispersoid, and elemental erbium is present in solution. Solid state reactions have occurred between the matrix and the erbium during the cooling of the ribbons. The presence of dispersoids and the increased solid solubility of erbium in this alloy offer good potential for improvements in strength.


Paper presented at the Sixth International Conference on Rapidly Quenched Metals, Montréal, Quebec, August 3–7, 1987.