Auger/LEED Investigation of the Deposition of Al Onto the Mo(110) Surface

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Six different structures and one amorphous phase are formed by Al on the Mo(110) surface. Three of the six structures are of two orientations along the Mo [1, 1], [2, 1] and [1, 1], [1, 1] directions giving LEED patterns rotated ± 35°16' from the [o, k] direction. The Al/Mo mismatch causes the growth of a stressed Al(111) surface as evidenced by a streaked LEED pattern, but an ideal Al(111) surface can be achieved with a thick deposition. The diffuse phase of Al coverage forms only from the ideal Al(111) structure. The c(2 × 2) structure forms from every initial structure upon heating to a high temperature (except for the 1–3 min depositions) and gives way to the low-coverage Al structure at a higher temperature. CO contamination from pressure > 10−8 torr during Al deposition inhibits formation of Al structures during short (1–3 min) depositions.



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