Synchroshear of Laves Phases

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The three Laves phases consist of alternating single layers and triple layers of atoms. Shear of the structure within the triple layers may be achieved by moving synchrodislocations. The dislocation with the smallest Burgers vector is the synchroshockley a/6 which has a core split over two planes. If a synchroshockley sweeps every triple layer of the cubic C15 it is twinned, if it sweeps every other triple layer, C15 is transformed into hexagonal C14. If the synchroshockley sweeps two triple layers, leaves out two, sweeps two etc. C15 is transformed into C36. Synchroshockleys travelling in pairs in any of the structures form dissociated perfect dislocations capable of giving slip.


Presented at the Materials Research Society Symposium, Boston, MA, December 1992.



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