Atomic Defects Influenced Mechanics of II–VI Nanocrystals

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Mechanical properties of nanocrystals are in fluenced by atomic defects. Here, we demonstrate the effect of planar defects on the mechanics of ZnO nanorods using atomic force microscopy, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy,and large-scale atomistic simulation. We study two different conditionally grown single nanorods. One contains extended I1-type stacking fault (SF) and another is defect free. The SF containing nanorods show buckling behaviors with reduced critical loading, whereas the other kinds show linear elastic behavior. We also studied the size dependence of elastic modulus and yield strength. The elastic modulus in both nanorods is inversely proportional to their size. Similar trend is observed for yield strength in the SF containing nanorods; however, the opposite is observed in the SF-free nanorods. This first experimental and theoretical study will guide toward the development of reliable electromechanical devices.



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