Characterization of the Temperature Dependence of the Pressure Coefficients of n- and p-Type Silicon Using Hydrostatic Testing

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Piezoresistive stress sensors on the (111) surface of silicon offer the unique ability to measure the complete stress state at a point in the (111) material. However, four-point bending or wafer-level calibration methods can measure only four of the six piezoresistive coefficients for p- and n-type resistors required for application of these sensors. In this work, a hydrostatic test method has been developed in which a high-capacity pressure vessel is used to apply a triaxial load to a single die over the -25degC to+100 degC temperature range. The slopes of the adjusted resistance change versus pressure plots yield pressure coefficients for p- and n-type silicon that provide the additional information necessary to fully determine the complete set of piezoresistive coefficients.



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