Effects of Process Parameters on Hardness, Hardness and Solidification Rate of Different Layers Processed Using Direct Metal Laser Sintering

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In DMLS process objects are fabricated layer by layer from powdered materialby melting induced by a controlled laser beam. Metallic powder melts and solidifies to form a single layer. Solidification map during layer formation is an important route to characterize micro-structure and grain morphology of sintered layer. Generally, solidification leads to columnar, equiaxed or mixture of these two types grain morphology depending on solidification rate and thermal gradient. Eutectic or dendritic structure can be formed in fully equiaxed zone. This dendritic growth has a large effect on material properties. Smaller dendrites generally increase ductility of the layer. Thus, materials can be designed by creating desired grain morphology in certain regions using DMLS process. To accomplish this, hardness, temperature distribution, thermal gradient and solidification cooling rate in processed layers will be studied under change of process variables by using finite element analysis, with specific application to Ti-6Al-4V.


Paper presented at the International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, ICME 2015, Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 2015.