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Molecular dynamics simulations are performed to investigate heterogeneous dynamics in amorphous glassy materials under oscillatory shear strain. We consider three-dimensional binary Lennard-Jones mixture well below the glass transition temperature. The structural relaxation and dynamical heterogeneity are quantified by means of the self-overlap order parameter and the dynamic susceptibility. We found that at sufficiently small strain amplitudes, the mean square displacement exhibits a broad subdiffusive plateau and the system undergoes nearly reversible deformation over about 104 cycles. Upon increasing strain amplitude, the transition to the diffusive regime occurs at shorter time intervals and the relaxation process involves intermittent bursts of large particle displacements. The detailed analysis of particle hopping dynamics and the dynamic susceptibility indicates that mobile particles aggregate into clusters whose sizes increase at larger strain amplitudes. Finally, the correlation between particle mobilities in consecutive time intervals demonstrates that dynamic facilitation becomes increasingly pronounced at larger strain amplitudes.


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