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The time evolution and spatial correlations of nonaffine displacements in deformed amorphous solids are investigated using molecular dynamics simulations. The three-dimensional model glass is represented via the binary mixture, which is slowly annealed well below the glass transition temperature and then sheared at a constant strain rate. It is shown that with increasing strain,the typical size of clusters of atoms with large nonaffine displacements increases, and these clusters remain spatially homogeneously distributed, until the yielding point when mobile atoms become localized within a system-spanning shear band. Furthermore, the yielding transition is associated with an abrupt change in the spatial correlation of nonaffine displacements, which varies from exponential to power-law decay. We also find that the height of the first peak in the pair correlation function of small atoms exhibits a distinct increase at the yielding strain. These results are discussed in relation to the yielding transition in amorphous materials under cyclic loading.


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