Radio Frequency Response of Flexible Microstrip Patch Antennas Under Compressive and Bending Loads Using Multiphysics Modeling Approach

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This research article studies the effect of compression and bending loads on resonant frequency of microstrip patch antennas using COMSOL Multiphysics software (will be called COMSOL hereafter). In this study, copper microstrip patch antenna of dimension 30mm x25mm on polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) substrate of dimension 50mm x50mm is considered. The interface bonding is assumed to be ideal between the patch and substrate. Both Ansoft HFSS and COMSOL are used to model and analyze the original geometry of the microstrip patch antenna without applying physical load to make sure that the design and the impedance match is satisfactory. Then, COMSOL is used to find deformed shape of the microstrip patch antenna under different values of compression and bending loads. The deformed geometries are reanalyzed using COMSOL radio frequency (RF) simulation. The resonant frequencies at different load levels are obtained and the effect of loading and boundary conditions on the resonant frequency shift is discussed.



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