Large Area Surface Modification Induced by Parallel Operated MSE Sustained Glow Discharges

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A novel approach in the field of non-equilibrium plasma generation is the development of Micro Structured Electrode (MSE) arrays that can be operated at or near atmospheric pressure. The MSE-sustained discharges present a high density of electrons (1015cm-3) and metastable atoms (1013cm-3). The gas temperature immediately above the microstructure exceeds only slightly the room temperature. This study reports on the application of a microplasma array in the surface modification of plastic substrates. Detailed features of surface modification of plastics by means of MSE-sustained discharges are reported for the first time, utilizing both water contact angle and high resolution XPS analysis.


This paper was presented at the 8th International Symposium on High Pressure Low Temperature Plasma, Puhajarve, Estonia