A Comparison of the Properties of SPD-Processed AA-6061 By Equal-Channel Angular Pressing, Multi-Axial Compressions/Forgings and Accumulative Roll Bonding

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Commercially available AA-6061 in the annealed condition was subject to severe plastic deformation (SPD) processing by equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP), multi-axial compression/forgings (MAC/F) and accumulative roll bonding (ARB) at room temperature to approximately the same accumulated strain (∼4). Micro-hardness testing showed that materials processed by ECAP, MAC/F and ARB followed the same trend. The tensile properties of MAC/F- and ARB-processed materials were compared with those of the ECAP-processed material from the literature. MAC/F material exhibited high strain rate sensitivity in the temperature range of 300–350°C. The SPD technique used, whether ECAP, MAC/F or ARB, did not significantly affect the flow behavior of AA-6061.