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Objectives: To conduct a community health needs assessment (CHNA) on the three zip codes around Five Rivers Family Health Center (FRFHC) in order to guide healthcare professionals in creating goals and priorities for needed health services in their health center’s targeted community.

Methods: The investigator gathered zip code specific data from the American Community Survey, Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County, the Dayton Police Department, and other online sources for the FRFHC CHNA zip codes. Data on the targeted zip codes was compared to data from Montgomery County, Ohio, and the United States.

Results: The greatest disparities between the FRFHC CHNA zip codes and Montgomery County, Ohio, and the US are in the areas of the social determinants of health, education, and infant health.

Discussion: Because the disparities seen in the FRFHC CHNA zip codes are multi-causal, a coordinated effort to collaborate between healthcare professionals and other community leaders must be emphasized in addressing and improving the disparities.

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