Ethical Dilemmas in Clinical Supervision 2: Need for Guidelines

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In this, the second half of this two-part article, the authors focus on ethical dilemmas in clinical supervision. Referring to the case vignettes included in the first part of this article (Vol 7(15): 920-3), the authors highlight how ethical dilemmas can arise and then provide some discussion on how they might be handled. As a result of the discussion, the authors conclude that there is a clear need for a specific set of guidelines to be produced that would help safeguard best practice within clinical supervision and ensure it remains an opportunity to help and support nurses in reflecting on their dilemmas, difficulties and successes (Cutcliffe and Proctor, 1998a). This would prevent supervision from becoming another form of management monitoring which might inadvertently prevent the resolution of intra- and interpersonal issues affecting the care of clients.


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