Fort Wayne Area Interprofessional Consortium for Health Care Education: Interprofessional Education Seminar Series

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This resource is a series of three team-based educational activities to foster interprofessional education. Session 1 provides an introduction to interprofessional education and health care. Session 2 discusses the BATHE (Background, Affect, Trouble, Handling, and Empathy) model of psychosocial interviewing. Session 3 covers root cause analysis. The general model for the activities was a light dinner, a networking session, and a plenary session. Teams worked together in breakout sessions (preserving the membership of the teams for longitudinal experience). The whole group reconvened for sharing between groups, debriefing, and announcement of the next session. Faculty provided the structure for the plenary sessions but involvement during team session was only to keep teams on task, watch time, and answer questions that learners could not answer. Faculty facilitated the debriefings. Each seminar lasted 1.5 hours including the dinner. This resources provide the materials for each of the three sessions.


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