Asynchronous Online Debriefing with Health Care Workers: Lessons Learned

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Background: This article describes how monitored asynchronous online debriefing was performed with health care workers who were part of a larger study that examined the effect of virtual reality simulation (VRS) on evacuation of neonates by workers. Method: Asynchronous online debriefing was performed with VRS participants (N = 34). An analysis of discussion board postings was completed. Also, two focus groups provided supplementary data associated with this debriefing experience. Results: Participation rates from VRS one to VRS four debriefing ranged from 72% to 53%. Responses were focused more on the VRS format than on participant learning. Conclusions: Monitored online asynchronous debriefing can be beneficial to participants. Clear instructions, facilitator monitoring, and participant commitment are needed for success.



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