Globalization, Commodification and Mass Transplant of Nurses: Part 2

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This two-part article examines the mass transplantation of nurses within the context of globalization. Part one focused on the international data regarding the global shortage of nurses, the increase in nurse migration from ‘underdeveloped’ to ‘Western’ countries, definitions and descriptions of global health and summarized the debate so far, such as it is. Part two draws attention to how this group of migrating nurses is more often than not comprised disproportionately of women and accordingly, draws on critical feminist ideas to demonstrate how such mass transplantation of nurses adds to the idea of women as a commodity. It then draws attention to other similar examples of the commodification of women and highlights the impacts of the loss of this labour force on the ‘exporting’ countries. The article concludes by joining with others who have proffered constructive suggestions for addressing this problem.


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