Point Defects in Undoped Semi-insulating GaAs: Correlation Between thermally Stimulated Current and Positron Annihilation Spectroscopies

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Point defects and the main electron traps in undoped semi-insulating GaAs grown by vertical gradient freeze and high- and low-pressure liquid encapsulated Czochralski techniques have been studied by positron annihilation (PAS) and thermally stimulated current (TSC) spectroscopies, respectively. We find good correlations between the concentrations of the TSC traps T-2 (0.63 eV) and T-5 (0.35 eV), and the PAS identified-defects As-Ga, and V-As, respectively. A good correlation between the concentration of intrinsic accepters (V-Ga and Ga-As) measured by PAS, and the total acceptor concentration measured by infrared absorption, is also found.


Proceedings from the 9th Conference on Semiconducting and Insulating Materials, April 29-May 3, 1996, in Toulouse, France.

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