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In this work, we report on the growth, fabrication, and device characterization of wide-band-gap heterojunction light-emitting diodes based on the n-ZnO/p-GaN material system. The layer structure is achieved by first growing a Mg-doped GaN film of thickness 1 μm on Al2O3(0001) by molecular-beam epitaxy, then by growing Ga-doped ZnO film of thickness 1 μm by chemical vapor deposition on the p-GaN layer. Room-temperature electroluminescence in the blue-violet region with peak wavelength 430 nm is observed from this structure under forward bias. Light–current characteristics of these light-emitting diodes are reported, and a superlinear behavior in the low current range with a slope 1.9 and a sublinear behavior with a slope 0.85 in the high current range are observed.


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