Submissions from 2020

Teacher Perceptions of State Standards and Climate Change Pedagogy: Opportunities and Barriers for Implementing Consensus-Informed Instruction on Climate Change., A. Lee Hannah and Danielle Christine Rhubart


How will COVID 19 Impact the 2020 Election, A. Lee Hannah, Craig Woolley, and Laura M. Luehrmann

Submissions from 2018

Politics of Social Diversity, December Green and Laura M. Luehrmann

Defiant Innovation: The Adoption of Medical Marijuana Laws in the American States, A. Lee Hannah and Daniel J. Mallinson

Teaching Climate Change in Middle Schools and High Schools: Investigating Stem Education’s Deficit Model, Eric Plutzer and A. Lee Hannah

Submissions from 2017

Comparative Politics of the Global South: Linking Concepts and Cases, December Green and Laura M. Luehrmann

“Dual Containment” Policy in the Persian Gulf: The USA, Iran, and Iraq, 1991–2000, Vaughn Shannon


International Norms and Foreign Policy, Vaughn P. Shannon

Submissions from 2016


Assessment of the 2016 Massachusetts Citizens’ Initiative Review Pilot on Question 4, John Gastil, Katherine Knobloch, A. Lee Hannah, Cheryl Maiorca, Ernest Paicopolos, and Jennifer Watters

Contentious Politics in Brazil and China: Beyond Regime, December Green and Laura M. Luehrmann


A Preview of the Ohio Primary: Part 1, A. Lee Hannah


A Preview of the Ohio Primary: Part 2, A. Lee Hannah


Mixed Messages: How Climate Change is Taught in America's Public Schools, Eric Plutzer, A. Lee Hannah, Joshua Rosenau, Mark McCaffrey, Minda Berbeco, and Ann H. Reid

Climate Confusion among U.S. Teachers, Eric Plutzer, Mark McCaffrey, A. Lee Hannah, Joshua Rosenau, Minda Berbeco, and Ann H. Reid


Librarians in the Midst: Improving Student Research Through Collaborative Instruction, Mandy Shannon and Vaughn Shannon

ISIS: Birth of a Terrorist State, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2015


The Usefulness of Consumer Sentiment: Assessing Construct and Measurement, Paul M. Kellstedt, Suzanna Linn, and A. Lee Hannah


Librarians in the Midst: Improving Students Through Collaborative Instruction, Vaughn Shannon and Mandy Shannon

Submissions from 2014

Cases in International Relations: Pathways to Conflict and Cooperation, Glenn Hastedt, Donna L. Lybeck, and Vaughn Shannon

Do Rights Make Fights?, Vaughn Shannon


Toward a Social Psychological Theory of International Relations, Vaughn Shannon


US-Egyptian Relations since the Arab Spring: Balancing Interests and Values, Vaughn Shannon and Joshua Cummins

Submissions from 2013


Broadening the Reputation Debate Over Syria, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2012


Race, Relgion and Parental Child-Rearing Values, Duane F. Alwin, Brett Beattie, Erin M. Powell, and A. Lee Hannah

Corruption in China: Red Capitalists on Parade, Laura M. Luehrmann

Conclusion: Comparative Corruption and the Challenge of Reform, Vaughn Shannon

Corruption in the Palestinian Authority and Israel, Vaughn Shannon

Introduction: Ideational Allies - Psychology, Constructivism, and International Relations, Vaughn Shannon

Psychology and Constructivism in International Relations: An Ideational Alliance, Vaughn Shannon and Paul A. Kowert

Submissions from 2011


Has Growth of the Egalitarian American Family Continued into the 21st Century?, Duane F. Alwin, Brett Beattie, A. Lee Hannah, and Erin M. Powell

Submissions from 2010

English Schooled: International Society Between Hegemony and Jihad, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2009

The Red Flag and the Ring: The Dances Surrounding Sino-Vatican Ties, Laura M. Luehrmann

Commentary on Chip Carey’s “The June 2009 in Comparative Perspective”, Vaughn Shannon

Rejoinder to Hooman Sadri, Vaughn Shannon

The Middle East Peace Process after 9/11, Vaughn Shannon

The US Reaction to the 2009 Iranian Election: The End of ‘Regime Change’ Politics, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2007

Iran and the Middle East: The Pursuit of Security and Legitimacy in the American Age, Vaughn Shannon

On the Same Page? Narrative Interaction and Middle East Policy in the Two Bush Presidencies, Vaughn Shannon

Review of: American Orientalism: The United States and the Middle East since 1945, Vaughn Shannon

Threat Perception and the Psychology of Constructivism, Vaughn Shannon


Why Who Hates Us?, Vaughn Shannon

Militant Islam and the Futile Fight for Reputation, Vaughn Shannon and Michael Dennis

Leadership Style and International Norm Violation: The Case of the Iraq War, Vaughn Shannon and Jonathan W. Keller

Submissions from 2005

Framing and Shaming, Vaughn Shannon


Interpreting Interventions: Norms, Identity and Perceptions of the use of Force in a Diversified International Society, Vaughn Shannon

Judge and Executioner: The Politics of Responding to Ethnic Cleansing in the Balkans, Vaughn Shannon

Wendt’s Violation of the Constructivist Project: Agency and Why a World State is Not Inevitable, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2004


Which Rules of War?: American Attitudes of Appropriate Behavior Regarding the Use of Force, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2003


Facing Citizen Complaints in China, 1951-1996, Laura M. Luehrmann

Balancing Act: US Foreign Policy and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Vaughn Shannon

The Middle East Peace Process and the War on Terror, Vaughn Shannon


World Politics in Their Minds: Political Psychology, Constructivism, and International Relations Theory, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2002

Review of: Presidential Judgment, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2001

Defending International Norms: The Role of Obligation, Material Interest, and Perception in Decision Making, Richard K. Herrmann and Vaughn Shannon

The Gulf War, Vaughn Shannon

The Spanish-American War, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2000

Norms are What States Make of Them: The Political Psychology of Norm Violation, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 1998

Institutionalizing Chinese Legislatures: Trade-Offs between Autonomy and Capacity, Kevin J. O'Brien and Laura M. Luehrmann