Submissions from 2005

Framing and Shaming, Vaughn Shannon


Interpreting Interventions: Norms, Identity and Perceptions of the use of Force in a Diversified International Society, Vaughn Shannon

Judge and Executioner: The Politics of Responding to Ethnic Cleansing in the Balkans, Vaughn Shannon

Wendt’s Violation of the Constructivist Project: Agency and Why a World State is Not Inevitable, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2004

California Coastal Commission v. Norton: A Coastal State Victory in the Seaweed Rebellion, Edward A. Fitzgerald


Which Rules of War?: American Attitudes of Appropriate Behavior Regarding the Use of Force, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2003

Sold Waste Agency of Northern Cook County v. US Army Corps of Engineers: Isolated Waters, Migratory Birds, Statutory and Constitutional Interpretation, Edward A. Fitzgerald


Facing Citizen Complaints in China, 1951-1996, Laura M. Luehrmann

Balancing Act: US Foreign Policy and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Vaughn Shannon

The Middle East Peace Process and the War on Terror, Vaughn Shannon


World Politics in Their Minds: Political Psychology, Constructivism, and International Relations Theory, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2002

Premature Gray Wolf Delisting, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Seeing Red: Gibbs v. Babbitt, Edward A. Fitzgerald

The Seaweed Rebellion: Florida's Experience with Offshore Energy Development, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Review of: Presidential Judgment, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2001

The Implications of Institutional Design for Macroeconomic Performance: Reassessing the Claims of Consensus Democracy, Liam Anderson

Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation v. Babbitt: The Children of the Night Return to the Northern Rocky Mountains, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Defending International Norms: The Role of Obligation, Material Interest, and Perception in Decision Making, Richard K. Herrmann and Vaughn Shannon

The Gulf War, Vaughn Shannon

The Spanish-American War, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 2000

US Policy Toward Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, Liam Anderson and M Beck

The Dangerous Ground: Nonproliferation Export-Control Development in the Southern Tier of the Former Soviet Union, C Craft, S Grillot, and Liam Anderson

The Conservation and Reinvestment Act of 1999: Outer Continental Shelf Revenue Sharing, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Active Learning Techniques Versus Traditional Teaching Styles: Two Experiments From History and Political Science, J. Patrick McCarthy and Liam Anderson

Norms are What States Make of Them: The Political Psychology of Norm Violation, Vaughn Shannon

Submissions from 1999

Economic Power in a Changing International System, Ewan W. Anderson, Ivar Gutmanis, and Liam Anderson

Submissions from 1998

Strategic Minerals: Resource Geopolitics and Global Geo-Economics, Ewan W. Anderson and Liam Anderson

Central Asia: The Absence of Incentives, Liam Anderson

Conoco Inc. v. United States: Sovereign Authority Undermined by Contractual Obligations on the Outer Continental Shelf, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Institutionalizing Chinese Legislatures: Trade-Offs between Autonomy and Capacity, Kevin J. O'Brien and Laura M. Luehrmann

Submissions from 1996

The Constitutionality of Toxic Substances Regulation Under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Submissions from 1995

Geopolitics and the Cold War Environment: The Case of Chromium, Liam Anderson

Submissions from 1994

The Waste War: Fort Gratiot Sanitary Landfill, Inc. v. Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Chemical Waste Management, Inc. v. Hunt, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Submissions from 1993

Natural Resources Defense Council v. Hodel: The Evolution of Interior's Five Year Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Submissions from 1992

The Rise and Fall of Worst Case Analysis, Edward A. Fitzgerald

The Seaweed Rebellion: Federal-State/Provincial Conflicts over Offshore Energy Development in the United States, Canada, and Australia, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Submissions from 1990

United States v. Maine (Massachusetts Boundary Case): Ancient Title to Nantucket Sound, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Submissions from 1989

The Tidelands Controversy Revisited, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Submissions from 1988

Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Revenues: Coastal States Should Be Entitled to a Share, Edward A. Fitzgerald

The Seaweed Rebellion: The Battle Over Section 8 (g) Revenues, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Submissions from 1987

California v. Watt: Congressional Intent Bows to Judicial Restraint, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Submissions from 1985

Outer Continental Shelf Revenue Sharing: A Proposal to End the Seaweed Rebellion, Edward A. Fitzgerald

Secretary of Interior v. California: Should Continental Shelf Lease Sales Be Subject to Consistency Review, Edward A. Fitzgerald