Submissions from 2016


Polemics and Patronage in the City of Victory, Valerie Stoker

At the Temple Gates: The Religion of Freelance Experts in the Roman Empire, Heidi Wendt


Christian Origins and Freelance Experts, Heidi Wendt

Galatians 3:1 as an Allusion to Textual Prophecy, Heidi Wendt


Theorizing Religious Intellectuals and Intellectualizing Groups of the Early Imperial Period, Heidi Wendt


What Could This Rising from the Dead Mean? Paul, Mark, and Marcion’s Gospel, Heidi Wendt

Submissions from 2015

Columbarium, Heidi Wendt

Dying God, Heidi Wendt

Ea Superstitione: Christian Martyrdom and the Religion of Freelance Experts, Heidi Wendt

Iudaica Romana: A Rereading of Evidence for Judean Expulsions from Rome, Heidi Wendt

"Entrusted with the Oracles of God": The Fate of the Judean Writings in Flavian Rome, Heidi Wendt


From the Herodians to Hadrian: The Shifting Status of Judean Religion in Post-Flavian Rome, Heidi Wendt

Theurgy, Heidi Wendt

Submissions from 2014

Ancient Relationships, Modern Intellectual Horizons: The Practical Challenges and Possibilities of Encoding Greek and Latin Inscriptions, Lisa Anderson and Heidi Wendt


Not Twelve, But Five: Theorizing Christian Practice in the Second Century, Heidi Wendt

Submissions from 2013

James C. Hanges, Paul, Founder of Churches: A Study in Light of the Evidence for the Role of "Founder-Figures" in the Hellenistic-Roman Period. A Review Essay, Heidi Wendt


"Not That I Seek the Gift": Restoring Interests to the Study of Early Christianity, Heidi Wendt


Review of: The Mysteries of Artemis of Ephesos: Cult, Polis, and Change in the Graeco-Roman World by Guy MacLean rogers, Heidi Wendt


With Far More Imprisonments and Often Near Death: Paul’s Hardships Amidst Roman Punishments of Freelance Experts, Heidi Wendt

Submissions from 2012


Another Jesus, A Different Gospel: The Religion of Independent Specialists and its Consequences for Earliest Christianity, Heidi Wendt


"Ea Superstitione": Christian Martyrdom and the Regulation of Independent Religious Specialists, Heidi Wendt


Interpretes Legum: Judean Diviners in the Early Roman Empire, Heidi Wendt


Iudaica Romana: A Re-Reading of Evidence for Judean Expulsions from Rome, Heidi Wendt

Submissions from 2011


Restoring the Material to Material Cultural Approaches: Methodological Inconsistencies in Explaining Pauline Reception, Heidi Wendt

Submissions from 2010


Paganism Must Really End, and Not Because Theodosius Says So! Methodological Implications of the Term “Pagan” in Modern Academic Vocabulary, Heidi Wendt


Tokens of Mystery? Redescribing Roman Exotica in Terms of Social Practices and Material Signatures, Heidi Wendt